When is it Time to Visit the Dentist?

Much like the vast majority of Americans, you likely don’t look forward to dental visits. Many Americans will indefinitely push off their routine dental checkup and cleaning until it is viscerally necessary for them to visit a dentist. But, unless you are a dentist yourself, how do you know when it is time to avoid the inevitable and get in the dental chair?


The Right Answer – Twice a Year


Many people do not understand the value of good dental health. If you think good dental health simply means not having rotten teeth, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Good dental health impacts a lot more than simply “keeping your teeth.”


With modern dental medicine, you can likely keep your natural teeth for close to your entire life. But, keeping your teeth is not the only reason to keep up with your dental visits twice each year.

Clean teeth and clean gums ensure that your teeth are in optimal shape for both function and appearance. Having a bright smile positively impacts many aspects of your life, including both social and career. To ensure you get to enjoy all that good dental health has to offer, visit your dentist twice a year!


When Postponing is the Only Option – ASAP!


Chances are if you are routinely putting off your checkup appointments, you won’t step into a dentist’s office until it is a dire emergency. Here is a list of conditions that require immediate attention, lest they become worse and require surgical intervention:


-          Inflamed gums

-          Red gums

-          Gums that bleed

-          Painful gums

-          Loose tooth or teeth

-          Receding gum line

-          Exposed roots

-          Abrasions or cuts


These are telltale signs that your mouth may be fighting an existing infection or preparing to fight an oncoming infection. It may be in a tooth or possibly in your gums. Only a certified dentist will be able to tell you for sure and be able to take action before it gets worse!


If you are putting off your visit due to dental anxiety, be sure to ask your Belleveill, NJ family dentist if sedation dentistry is an option. For many procedures, including cleaning, you can enjoy various levels of sedation. This allows you to get the treatment you need with minimal anxiety. 

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