Porcelain Crowns in Belleville NJ

There are instances when a patient’s tooth is suffering from deep stains, chips and cracks, or decay. Sometimes, fillings don’t have the capability of covering or fully restoring the tooth. That’s why we offer a crown (a cap) that fully encases the entire visible portion of your tooth. This will now act as the tooth’s new outer surface in order to protect it. 

A dental crown is commonly used when a tooth is broken, chipped or decayed to such an extent that a normal filling won’t be able to repair your issue. With the help of the crown, we’ll give you a protective shell around the damaged tooth in order to make it stronger and improve its appearance so it looks healthy and natural, just like the rest.

Crowns can come in different materials, but those mixed with porcelain are most common because they give the crown a similar look and feel that’s just like your natural teeth.


How It’s Done
During your first visit, Dr. Flynn-Nyktas will reshape your tooth and take impressions in order to create a crown that will fit over your tooth and look natural next to the rest. The reshaping is done to remove a portion of your tooth in order for the crown to fit properly. A special material will be used to create an impression of your tooth after it’s reshaped. The impression is then sent off to a dental laboratory to be made into a permanent crown that will be placed once it is finished being created. You’ll be fitted with a temporary crown to wear in between visits.

When you return, your temporary crown will be replaced with your permanent one. Before it’s officially bonded in place, we want to ensure that it fits comfortably and matches the rest of your teeth.


Call our office at (973) 450-0511 to schedule an appointment for more information on your dental crowns.

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