Root Canal Therapy in Belleville NJ

This treatment is used to repair and save your infected tooth that’s affected by a deep cavity or trauma. While a root canal sounds scary to many patients, it has the ability to save your tooth from being extracted and leaving a gap in between your teeth. During this treatment, your Belleville NJ family dentist will remove the pulp and nerves of your tooth in order to clean the infected area.

Thankfully, a tooth’s pulp and nerve aren’t important to a tooth’s health and function once the tooth has fully emerged from the gums. If successful, this procedure can extend the lifetime of your tooth. Without a root canal, this can result in pain, swelling, and possibility of a dental extraction.

What are the signs that a root canal is needed?
Severe and extreme pain while chewing, drinking and talking
• The pain is so severe that it wakes you up at night
• High sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks, the pain lingering for long periods of time
• A dark and discolored tooth
• Swollen or bleeding gums in that area

What does the treatment involve?
First, Dr. Flynn-Nyktas will create an opening in the pulp chamber through the crown of the tooth. Once that’s removed, your root canal is thoroughly cleaned. This cleaning can typically be done in multiple visits. After the end of each visit, a temporary filling will be placed until your next cleaning appointment.

This service has a very high success rate.  Teeth which have undergone root canal therapy should be covered up with a crown for protection. Once the crown is placed, it will be hard for others to notice that you’ve gone through treatment—they’ll only notice your happy and healthy smile.

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