Summer is Here! See how Your Dentist in Belleville can Keep Your Smile Shining this Season

Summer can be a great time to enjoy the nice weather and soak up the sun! It is also a popular time to consume sugary drinks and avoid your typical day-to-day responsibilities. Don’t sacrifice your dental health while you’re relaxing this summer! Follow these tips with the help of your dentist in Belleville NJ to have a healthy and happy smile!
Book Your Back-To-School Dental Check-Up Early!
Some schools require an updated dental record, so summer would be the ideal time to satisfy that requirement. Everyone is going to try and fit their check-ups in before school and extracurricular activities pick back up again. Beat the August crowds by booking your appointment with Dr. Flynn-Nyktas early. Children need routine check-ups at least twice a year, so summer is the perfect opportunity to fit that in without conflicting with your busy life.
Choose Water Over Sugary Drinks
There are plenty of opportunities to drink sugary drinks in the summertime. From popsicles to soda, fruit juice, ice cream, or sugary snacks, there are plenty of summertime snacks that could be harmful to your smile if you let them. Everything is fine in moderation, but don’t skip brushing and flossing afterward! A beneficial alternative to sugary drinks is some fresh water. Water can not only help protect your healthy smile, but it can also keep you hydrated on hot summer days. 
Commit to a Routine
Sticking to a healthy dental care routine can help ensure that your child’s smile stays healthy all summer long. Summertime activities can lead to several sugary obstacles that can jeopardize the health of your kid’s smile. Things like s’mores, ice pops, even camping overnight comes with the risk of ignoring your dental care. Your Belleville dentist wants to make sure your child develops healthy habits so that they are more likely to maintain a proper brushing and flossing routine. 
Avoid Chewing On Ice
When drinking a cold liquid on a hot day, it can be really tempting to pop an ice cube in your mouth. Chewing on ice can leave you at risk for damage and potentially cracked teeth. The hard surface of an ice cube can permanently damage your enamel.
Use a Metal Straw
Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s also good for your teeth! Using a straw can help prevent staining and discoloration of your pearly whites. Furthermore, the metal will prevent you from chewing the straw, unlike plastic. Chewing on straws is a common habit for many people, but it isn’t great for your teeth’s enamel. Swap it out for a metal straw to have a whiter and healthier smile!
Eat Your Fruits & Veggies
Keeping an array of healthy food in your kitchen will keep your energy up all summer long and it will help maintain a healthy smile. Eating certain foods like apples, carrots, and strawberries can actually help clean your teeth throughout the day and leave your smile looking fresh and clean! 
Prevent Dental Emergencies
Simple things like following pool rules or wearing a helmet when riding a bike can prevent serious dental emergencies. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact Dr. Flynn-Nyktas right away. If your child has knocked out a tooth, preserve it in milk to help the restorative process once you get to the dentist. You can also try to put it back in the socket as long as it is not a baby tooth.
We want you to have the best Summer with the best smile possible! Call your dentist in Belleville NJ today at (973) 450-0511and we'll help you schedule the best date and time for your appointment.
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