Methods of teeth whitening available for Belleville, NJ area patients


A brighter, more brilliant smile can exude beauty and confidence for many patients in the area of Belleville, NJ. However, over-the-counter teeth whitening products often fail to provide the results patients desire. At the Family Dental Center, patients can enjoy professional-grade solutions that provide amazing results over the course of time. They are both at-home whitening systems proven to work!


Both of our at-home teeth whitening solutions use custom-made trays fabricated from impressions of the smile. This ensures precision fit for the top and bottom arches. The gel used may vary depending on which on the patient decides to use:


•                    The first is our 16% carbamide peroxide based gel. This is worn overnight in the whitening tray for a week to 10 days

•                    The second option is our 7.5% hydrogen peroxide based gel. This is worn 30-60 minutes, twice a day, for a week to 10 days.


Both options provide amazing results for the majority of our patients, and it comes down to how long patients want to wear their trays to see changes.


An alternative is that of our Zoom! whitening. The Zoom! whitening system is an in-office power bleaching that provides same day results. This is best for patients who are interested in avoiding wearing gels during the day or at night and want results immediately. This procedure is done with the care and assistance of our dental staff right in the chair. Treatment begins and ends with a cleaning, and in-between, a specialized gel is applied to the surfaces of the teeth and whitening is enhanced by using a light that lifts stains from deep within the tooth’s structure.


All three of these solutions are available at Family Dental Center, and our team of professionals can help you decide which is best for you!


The dental doctors of Family Dental Center are excited to offer three reliable methods of teeth whitening for you to consider when adding brilliance and beauty to your smile! Contact our team today in Belleville at 136 Washington Avenue by calling (973) 450-0511 and schedule an appointment.

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