What You Need To Know About Sensitive Gums

Gum sensitivity is often mistaken with tooth sensitivity. When we feel pain in our mouth, we directly assume it’s caused by our teeth. This is because of the lack of knowledge about gum sensitivity. In this article, your favorite Belleville, NJ family dentist will provide you with exactly what you need to know about sensitive gums.
Swelling Is Often A Sign Of Gum Sensitivity
The swelling and tenderness of your gums are usually the signs of sensitive gums. Sensitive gums are fragile, and can get damaged by the slightest touch. The initial damage usually shows swelling of gums, but the worst case for this is gingivitis, the inflammation of the gums. 
Sensitive Gums React To Pressure
Sensitive gums are very delicate. They react almost exaggeratedly to pressure. Brushing too hard, for example, causes sensitive gums to bleed or swell. Highly-abrasive toothpaste also irritates sensitive gums. 
If you have sensitive gums, you need to learn how to brush your teeth properly without irritating your sensitive gums. First, you’re going to need a soft-bristled toothbrush and a non-abrasive toothpaste product to brush your teeth with. Brush your teeth in a back and forth motion to remove the bacteria that may have been left residing in your mouth.
Hormonal Changes Can Result To Gum Sensitivity
According to the American Dental Association, gums become more sensitive than they normally are because the hormone fluctuations can change the reaction of your body with the bacteria in your mouth. If you are going through hormonal changes, it’s wise to see your oral professional for an oral check-up. This is especially necessary for pregnant women as they undergo significant hormonal changes.
Acidic Foods Trigger Gum Sensitivity
Acidic foods, as well as oral appliances, can trigger gum sensitivity, which leaves your gums sore and feeling more sensitive. With high levels of acid, acidic foods irritate the gums in such a way that they cause visible sores on the tissue along the gum line. 
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