Removable or Fixed Restorations

When you are facing dental restorations, it can be hard to determine which course of action might be best for you. Let us explain the differences between removable and fixed restorations so you can determine what the better choice for you is.
Fixed Restorations
Having fixed restorations implanted into the mouth will offer patients a better sense of permanent teeth replacement. They have the ability to look and feel just like the natural teeth, even to the patient. 
These implants are stable and provide a longer life than removable options, but there are some downsides. They can be harder to clean. They also are difficult to modify or repair should an issue arise down the road. 
It is important that patients give the utmost attention to their dental care to keep these restorations in good shape. Oral hygiene practices and regular professional care are necessary to keep the implants looking and fitting well. 
The other downside to fixed restorations is the price. They are costly compared to removable devices but will last longer if taken care of.
Removable Restorations
Having removable restorations allows the opportunity to clean and service the appliance easier. They are also less labor intensive to fabricate and cost less than fixed restorations. There are times when removable restorations also help to support the soft tissues of the mouth better.
There are some downsides to consider with this course of treatment as well. Removable restorations are not as stable as implants and often require the patient undergo a longer adjustment period. Partial dentures can cause further damage to the remaining teeth. This is due to the fact that the dentures rely on these teeth to offer support whereas a permanent implant actually helps to restore support to remaining teeth.
Removable dentures are the least stable choice of all dental restorations. They are easily loosened and sometimes cause the patient irritation or public embarrassment. Dentures can further lead to more bone loss in the mouth as well. 
What is Right for You?
Only you and your dentist in Belleville, NJ can decide the proper treatment for your dental needs. It is important that you discuss your questions and concerns so the two of you can find the appropriate solution that works best for your lifestyle.
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