Protecting Teeth From Coffee

Coffee is an essential part of the American diet. Many of us simply can’t start the day without smelling its sweet aroma. In fact, according to recent data, the average American drinks around two to two and a half cups each day! You’ve probably also noticed more and more premium coffee retailers popping up even in small towns. America’s obsession with specialty coffee drinks as well as filter coffee brewed at home is undeniable. However, it seems that no great thing comes without a price. Not only will your 20oz latte cost you about $5, but coffee can also harm your tooth enamel. Here are some tips on how to make your coffee safer for your teeth so that your smile can stay bright!
Add Milk or Cream
Coffee’s dark color and acid qualities could potentially stain your teeth more than one that’s been mixed with a dairy product like milk or half and half creamer. Adding just a tablespoon or two of cream to your drink also won’t contain too much fat as long as your stick to the serving portion listed on the package. You can also find sugar free creamers as well if you’re concerned about added calories. However, the reason for this is not because the milk lightens the beverage. It is more so because the proteins in milk can potentially help prevent staining. All in all, the jury is still out on this theory, but it’s worth a shot if you’re a regular coffee drinker like the majority of Americans.
Sip Through a Straw
Especially if you’re an iced coffee lover, this a great tips for reducing stains. The straw allows less coffee to actually reach your teeth so that they don’t have as much direct contact with the beverage. However, iced coffee can be rather expensive if you purchase it every day at a café. Thankfully, you can now buy iced coffee at most major grocery stores, so you don’t have to spend several dollars every morning.
Rinse With Water
This might seem like strange advice, but brushing your teeth after drinking acidic beverages like coffee and wine can actually weaken the enamel and potential damage your teeth during brushing. Consider rinsing your mouth with water after drinking coffee to help remove stains safely. This will leave your teeth stronger in the long run and prevent further damage. 
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