Post Dental Treatment Care

It is important that you follow your Belleville, NJ general dentist’s guidelines after any procedure to ensure optimal healing and avoid unnecessary complications. First, you’ll always want to wait two hours to eat so the anesthesia can wear off.  Here are some other tips to keep you safe.
After a Root Canal
Your mouth will probably be sore for a few days following treatment. Avoid chewing where the procedure was performed. It is also important to take the antibiotic prescribed for you to remove any additional infection. Call the dentist if you experience unusual tenderness, pain or other troubling symptoms.
Bridges and Crowns
Before receiving the permanent bridge or crown, you’ll be fitted with a temporary solution. This isn’t as sturdy, so take caution when eating or cleaning your teeth. Once the permanent is placed, you might experience mild irritation or sensitivity. Use a salt water rinse and take some over the counter pain relief until the pain subsides.
Once the anesthesia wears off, you’ll likely face some sensitivity. Avoid any foods that are extreme in temperature for a few days. 
Scaling and Root Planing
You can expect your gums to be sore and irritated for a few days. Rinse with salt water several times throughout the day to alleviate the pain and keep the area clean. Brush gently so you don’t create further irritation. Use a cold compress for any stiffness or swelling of the area. You can also take an over the counter pain reliever if needed. Avoid eating anything hard for a few days and remember to contact the dentist with any concerns.
You’ll have some irritation and sensitivity in the area. Saltwater rinses seem to bring relief as do over the counter pain medications. The veneer might feel awkward for a couple of days as your mouth adjusts. If your bite feels unusual, it is important to contact the dentist and have it looked at.
No matter what procedure you had completed, it is important to follow any instructions your Belleville, NJ general dentist gives you. Strict adherence to their advice will result in a quicker and easier recovery time.
Dental Docs of NJ can be reached at (973) 450-0511, please call today with any questions or concerns you may have regarding after dental treatment care.
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