Belleville Dentist Shares Oral Health Tips During Pregnancy

With all the emotions that come in to play when you are expecting a child, it can be hard to feel concerned about your teeth. After all, there are a multitude of other health factors to monitor and test for, and teeth simply don’t make it very high up that list. But, like the other parts of your body, your mouth can change during pregnancy, as well. Whether you’re expecting or hope to be soon, remember these tips for keeping your oral health in good shape while pregnant. 
Get a Checkup with Your Belleville Dentist Prior to Getting Pregnant
If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, it is wise to schedule a checkup prior to getting pregnant. This will allow you to address any dental needs without potential risks to your baby. For instance, x-rays are generally avoided during pregnancy, but are critical in examining the teeth for cavities and other problems. They are even more important if you haven’t seen a dentist in some time. In the event that you do need some dental work done, it will be much easier to have it done before you are pregnant. In some periods of pregnancy, certain dental treatments can be risky. So there is no reason not to address your dental needs now. 
Floss as Much as You Can
During pregnancy, the body’s hormones undergo radical changes that can affect all sorts of normal physiological processes. Often times, one of the victims of hormonal imbalances is the gum tissue. During pregnancy the gums do not fight infection as well as they normally do, which can lead to tenderness, puffiness, and redness. In extreme cases irreversible damage can be done to the gum tissue and teeth, but the good news is that pregnancy gingivitis typically resolves postpartum. 
Limit the After-Effects of Morning Sickness
 If you experience morning sickness during pregnancy, it is important to remember that this can have a damaging effect to your teeth. The stomach contains hydrochloric acid, a powerful compound used for breaking down food. It also erodes enamel quickly and can cause irreversible damage, particularly to the insides of your teeth where the acid most likely comes in contact. The best thing to do after a spell of morning sickness is to vigorously rinse with water or, better yet, water and baking soda, which will help neutralize the pH. Resist the urge to brush right away—make sure you have thoroughly rinsed first to avoid brushing while acid is still present. 
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