Halloween Candy & Children’s Teeth

Halloween is an exciting time of year when many children are thrilled to be dressing up and getting free candy. Sugar has been one of the major culprits behind dental cavities, but did you know that there are some candies that are better than others. Follow these simple tips to help keep your kid's teeth safe this year.
How Candy Effects Teeth
Naturally occurring bacteria that is found inside the mouth feed on sugary substances. It quickly turns into an acid. When this acid remains on the teeth, it eats away at the tooth enamel and causes cavities. 
Sticky or chewy candy which sits on the teeth for longer periods is the worst culprit. These can get stuck between the teeth and inside the crevices. The longer it stays stuck to the tooth surface, the more time bacteria has to feed on the candy and turn into acid. The more acid that is produced, the more chance you have of developing a cavity.
Tips for Dealing with Halloween Candy
Your kids want to enjoy Halloween and it can be a fun time, but let’s think about what is best for their teeth. Here are some guidelines you can put in place to help protect them:
Opt for candy that can be eaten quickly so the time it sits on the teeth is limited.
Stay away from sticky candies. This would include items such as taffy, caramels, gummies or popcorn balls.
Have children eat just a small amount of candy at one time. Then either drink a glass or water or brush their teeth.
Limit how many sour candies they consume. These are candy that contains ingredients such as citric acid. These sour acids contribute to further dental erosion.
Feed your children a healthy meal before trick-or-treating. Hopefully, this reduces the temptation of eating too much candy when the time comes.
Purchase non-candy related treats for the kids who visit your home. You could choose items like coloring books, pencils or maybe even toothbrushes.
Remember to teach your children good oral hygiene habits for healthy teeth. On top of avoiding sugar, they should be trained properly to brush their teeth twice a day and floss at least once. This way, you’ll be sure that the sugar of Halloween won’t come back to haunt them forever.
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