Dentist in Belleville area discuss Fluoride & Its uses in dental care

Fluoride is one of the common chemicals found in frequently-used dental products such as mouthwash and toothpaste. It is the main active ingredient in dental products because of its ability to prevent tooth decay and keep teeth strong and healthy. In some countries, like the United States, fluoride is even infused in drinking water.


Fluoride contains the element fluorine, which is usually found in natural sources. The most recognized source of the element is a mineral called fluorite– fairly common all over the world with the largest concentrations in Mexico and South Africa.


A variety of geological processes, such as mineral weathering and volcanic activity, releases fluoride into the environment by giving off emissions into our atmosphere. It can also be launched into the environment through manpowered activities, such as refining oil and burning coal. In addition to these, fluoride is abundant in fruits and vegetables and processed food and drinks like raisins, pickles, green beans, and grape juice.


Perhaps the most well-known uses of fluoride is to strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay. Low doses of the chemical is proven to do wonders in dental and oral health. Fluoride-infused drinking water with levels 0.7 mg/liter has revealed success in preventing tooth erosion, which is one of the leading complications in dental health. Meanwhile, higher levels of concentration are infused in dental care-specific products like mouthwashes and toothpastes to increase its preventive properties and effectiveness.


How does Fluoride work?

Fluoride helps keep teeth strong, healthy, and more resilient in fighting tooth decay. To understand how fluoride works, we must know what tooth decay is first.


Tooth decay is attributed to dental cavities, which are also known as “caries”. These are the result of acid-producing bacteria or plaques that attack the tooth enamel. If not taken care of, this action may lead to severe tooth damage.


Fluoride changes the chemical anatomy of the tooth enamel, making it stronger and unsusceptible to the acid attacks.



While it is necessary to get a good dose of fluoride regularly, it is also imperative to make a habit of everyday dental health activities like brushing and flossing.

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