Dental Consultations with Your Belleville Dentist

Having the first appointment with a dentist can cause some anxiety. That’s why it is important to understand what the basics are for your first consultation. During your visit, there are five main things that your dentist is looking for.


Healthy Teeth


The first aspect of the visit is to determine if your teeth are healthy. This is the foundation to a beautiful smile and should never be overlooked. Your teeth will be examined for any form of damage. This includes broken or cracked teeth as well.


It’s also important to look for old dentistry in the mouth such as metal fillings.


Healthy Gums


The gums are also important to creating a beautiful smile. If your gums are infected, it leads to damage both to your bones and teeth. This eventually leads to tooth loss. The dentist will evaluate for gum disease and bacteria around the gums.


Evaluation of Bite


The dentist will discuss things such as headaches, jaw pain and facial pain with you. These can be signs of TMJ. If left untreated, this causes trouble with your teeth such as bone loss, excessive wear and tooth notching.


Cosmetic Evaluation


The cosmetics of your teeth will also be evaluated. This helps the dentist to recommend treatments that might improve the appearance of your smile. This evaluation will include the shape of your teeth, the color and size. In addition, the dentist will look for gaps and crooked teeth.


Oral Diseases


During your visit, the dentist will screen for various oral diseases that tend to go unnoticed. Early detection of ailments makes it easier for treatment to be successful.


After the Evaluation


Once the evaluation is complete, the dentist will give you options for treatment. The recommendations for treatment might be a necessity or they could be suggestions. It is important that you discuss them all with your Belleville dentist to determine the next step. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what happens with your smile, but it is important to know that your dentist cares about your overall health and well-being. They only want what is best for your future.

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