Belleville Dentist offers Sealants to protect your teeth

If you have been recommended by your dentist to get a dental sealant applied, you will certainly want to know first what to is and whether it is the right treatment for you. You have probably heard of them before, but before you do decide, you want to see first if it is indeed the right route for you to take.


What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are made of plastic materials that are either clear or white in color. They are mostly used as covering on top of teeth that have developed pits or deep grooves to help protect them.


This is based on the idea that the pits on the teeth should be covered with the plastic mold. This is to ensure that bacteria, acids as well as sugars will not be able to get into the pits and destroy the tooth altogether. They help serve as the barrier between the vulnerable parts of a tooth against any destructive element  surrounding it so cavities can be prevented.


Who needs them?

Generally, these sealants are applied on children. The moment that they start getting permanent teeth, they can be recommended by the dentist to be applied so pits and grooves are filled in before they start showing signs of decay.


While they are generally applied to children, there are also instances when adults may need them. This is usually if they never had this procedure done before. It is recommended by the dentist too in the event that pts start to develop in parts f the teeth where there used to be none.


How are they applied?

The procedure is the same all throughout tough regardless of the age of the patient. The tooth needs to be thoroughly cleaned first before the application. An acidic solution that will roughen up the surface of the teeth that is being treated will be applied. It needs to harden first before a patient is allowed to bite it on.


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