3 Easy Toothbrushing Tips from Your Belleville, NJ Family Dentist 


Ready to supercharge your dental hygiene routine? These toothbrushing tips from your Belleville, NJ family dentist are simple to implement. They can drastically change your dental health with consistency and patience. Keep reading to learn more!  


Brush for Two Minutes 


Whether you’re an adult or helping your child with dental health, people of all ages must brush for two minutes at a time! This ensures you can scrub away all the plaque and remaining food particles from your teeth. If you brush for less time, you may still suffer from tooth decay or cavities because of the lingering bacteria.  


Use the Right Technique 


Many dentists recommend investing in an electric toothbrush because of the helpful oscillations or vibrations. However, you can brush effectively with a manual toothbrush by making small circles on the front of your teeth. Concentrate on brushing one tooth at a time, so they’re thoroughly clean before moving on!  


Don’t Swish 


Lastly, don’t swish with water after brushing! You want the fluoride in your toothpaste to do its job correctly by resting on your teeth. This will give it more time to protect and strengthen your enamel.  


If you rinse it away with water, it won’t be as effective, negating the effects of brushing!  


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Remember that you’ll also want to schedule cleanings with your dentist twice a year. They’ll help remove the remaining plaque and tartar you weren’t able to get, and they can also examine your teeth. By catching issues early, you may be able to save yourself from invasive and expensive procedures.  


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