Belleville Dentist shares 10 easy dental tips to help you care for your precious teeth

It is no easy task to attain good healthy teeth. There is a barrage of elements that the teeth comes up against daily, from wine to soda to coffee and tea. Along with these beverages, there are certain foods such as berries that have natural pigments which over time can stain your teeth. As if there wasn't more to about already, your teeth also have to battle with the bacterial plaque that brings tooth decay. 

We know that it all sounds very scary, but please do not worry. Your Belleville Dentist is providing you the following ‘easy dental tips’ that you can include with your well-disciplined daily regimen of good oral hygiene.

1.   Avoid high sugar content foods. Plain and simple. Keep the ‘sweets’ to a minimum.

2.   Brush. Floss. Use a therapeutic mouth rinse. Twice daily. A routine as ‘natural’ as breathing.

3.   Use a toothbrush with soft bristles so as not to bruise the tender gum tissue or enamel on teeth.

4.  Buy a new toothbrush every three months, due to the bristles wearing down.

5.   Visit your Belleville dentist as directed: twice annually for routine examination and for a thorough dental cleaning by the professional dental hygienist or dentist.

6.  If you smoke, think about quitting. If you don’t smoke, don’t start. Smokers are more likely to develop gum disease and cavities.

7.   Keep the saliva flowing with sugarless gum on occasion, particularly if it contains Xylitol, known for preventing cavities and eat a diet rich in healthy fibrous fruit and veggies.

8.   If you have dental insurance, that’s great! If you do not have private dental insurance consider attaining it.Those who have insurance are more likely to see their dentist for routine check-ups. There are plans for every budget.


9.   Avoid excess alcohol consumption as alcohol can dry out the mouth.

10.  Do keep your Belleville dentist informed of any chronic conditions such as heart disease or diabetes as these diseases, as well as pregnancy, can effect the health of your teeth. 

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