Stubborn Black Spots on Teeth

No matter how diligent you’ve been about brushing and flossing your teeth, you might notice some stubborn black spots.  It has been a common thought that the black spots are black triangles that are caused by the recession of gums in between teeth.  Teeth are actually susceptible to black spots that are caused by teeth discoloration or demineralization.  In total, there are three possible reasons you might be noticing dark spots across the surface of your teeth.
1. Teeth Discoloration
Many people will suffer from this issue at some point in their lives.  Teeth discoloration can also be a common problem that people who smoke notice at higher rates. The nicotine and tar of the cigarette attach themselves to the tooth’s surface thereby causing discoloration. When these substances are not removed, your teeth will become discolored and stained. In most cases, the stains are usually yellow, but if left untreated, they will become brown, and eventually black. 
2. Demineralization
Demineralization of teeth is another leading cause as to why the teeth have black spots. When the surface enamel is demineralized or otherwise dissolved, your teeth will become more susceptible to cavities. They can exist in the form of tiny black spots which become dental cavities.  If left untreated, this could become a costly and painful issue. 
3. Gum Recession
The most common reason why you have black spots in between your teeth is that of the gum recession. The gum tissues will slowly withdraw from in between the teeth, leaving a noticeable space. Gum Recession can also cause soreness, swelling, and bleeding of the gums.
No matter what the cause may be, whenever you notice any black spot on your teeth’s surface, please consult your Belleville, NJ dentist immediately. While it isn’t always a serious issue, it could mean that cavities have already penetrated the inside of your teeth.  Avoid further damage to your tooth by having the problems addressed as soon as possible.
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