Belleville Dentist discuss the topic: Nerve damage after wisdom tooth extraction: Is this possible?

You’ve probably heard about having nerve damage after extracting your wisdom tooth. Sure, this may sound huge and critical, but the associated risk is just actually negligible.


While nerve damage and other medical complications occur in rare instances, little to no cases result in serious issues. However, the routine dental procedure actually bear an extent of risk.


Damage to the Sensory Nerve


The sensory or mandibular nerve, which is situated in the lower jawbone, is responsible for making us feel sensation on our tongue, chin, and lower lip.


This nerve enables us to sense various temperatures and textures as well as pain. This sensory nerve is generally located in close proximity to the roots of our lower wisdom teeth.


When a wisdom tooth is extracted, bruises or damages may occur. This leads to a temporary numbing or tingling effect. This slight injury may be due to the tools used during the surgery or caused by the tooth itself as it pressed against the nerve. This risk occurs when extracting teeth or doing procedures involving our lower jaw. However, the risk is really small and generally unlikely.


Other Risks of Wisdom Tooth Removal


There are other rare yet critical complications brought about by tooth extraction.


If the extraction involves incision in the gum tissue or bone removal, the dry socket complication may arise. This is a painful condition wherein the nerve and the bone are exposed to air when a blood clot is dislodged.


Intermittently, patients could develop a bacterial infection or food particles may be trapped in the dry socket after the procedure. And although very unusual, some patients could incur damage to the sinuses, jawbone, or other teeth close to the extraction site.


Although risks and complications are always existent to almost any medical and dental procedure, nerve damage due to tooth extraction is rather atypical. And with the level of technology and standards we have today, the extent of risks further drops.

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